Frequently asked questions

Are these sessions going to take a long time?

Cognomovement is fast! It doesn’t require hours, weeks or months to create change! It takes minutes! 3- 15 minutes per session is all that it takes to create change around an issue.

Can I Work on Multiple Issues at Once?

This is the one thing that is limiting about the Cognomovement system, you have to choose one issue at a time to focus on for the best results. However and it’s a BIG however, these cognitive loops that we mentioned earlier are often very entangled with each other. Meaning topics that seem entirely unrelated, are grouped together in what we call stacks. When one goes they all go. So even though you can only focus on one at a time, often other issues and problems go right along with it!

Do I Only Get the Results I Feel Right After a Session?

Nope! The system and sessions are expansive! Meaning the effects grow and expand over time. When we delete a loop from our system the mind /body rewires. This can take time and while there are immediate results you may find that things just keep getting better and better in the days that follow.

Are These Results Miracles?

We often use the word "miracles" about the things that can be created or changed when using this system, because things change that didn’t seem possible before using Cognomovement. Though these changes aren’t divine in nature - even though they feel that way - they are created by using some basic physical principles with tried and true techniques.

Do I Have to Keep Working on the Same Issue Over and Over Again?

Not at all! These changes are so complete that many people can’t even remember how bad it was before or that there was even problem in the first place. This means that you don’t have to keep working on that same issue again and again, once it’s its out of your system it’s gone for good. You can just move on with your life, free from that old complaint! You won’t need to continually look for new ways to solve that old problem, or spend any more money or time on training or courses to solve it, it’s done.

Is it Hard to Learn the Steps?

The system is easy and fun to learn and to use! We use a ball, what’s more fun than that?

The system immediately activates the brain, stimulating both hemispheres, automatically making your mind more alert, sharp and calm all at the same time. And highly ready to learn! When we are asking mind and body to make change we are asking it to learn something new and to create new patterns. Cognomovement engages and activates the 3 main ways we learn. Auditory or through sound, visual or through our eye, and kinesthetic or touch! This makes change and learning even that much easier.




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