Frequently asked questions

Can your chefs accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets, as well as allergies and other food restrictions and preferences?

Of course we can! Our Drag Chefs will happily accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free diets, lactose intolerance and any other allergy or food restriction/preference you might have. Just be sure to let us know about it in advance so we can plan some yummy alternatives for you.

Are kids and teenagers welcome to participate in Drag Taste events?

Absolutely! We love introducing the fun, fabulous and inclusive nature of drag queen culture to people of ALL ages. Everyone is welcome! That being said, parents should be aware that there can be adult themes and language at our experiences, as well as alcohol (18 is the legal drinking age), and we ask parents to be responsible for their own children. If you are looking for a little extra freedom, we can also arrange for an in-house babysitter to join the experience (for an additional cost), so you are free to enjoy the party. Just contact us in advance to arrange. Children under 5 year old are always free.

Are the start times for the experiences flexible?

No. Our experience start times are EXACT, and we kindly request that all guests arrive on time for their experience out of respect for the other guests, and to make sure our staff are able to deliver the best service to everyone. Of course we understand that things come up, so if you are running late or have an unexpected delay, we simply ask you to call us to let us know (+351 931 423 333). Guests who arrive more than 20 minutes late to the experience, with no contact, may be denied entry to the experience and no refund will be issued.

What type of people participate in Drag Taste experiences?

Everyone is welcome at Drag Taste! No matter how old you are, where you come from, what color your skin is, or how you you sexually identify - our experiences are made for everyone! We believe in equality, inclusivity and love without discrimination. Our guests are all ages and from all over the world: solo travellers, straight couples, gay couples, groups of friends, families with kids, and every other combination of humans you can think of. Cooking together and sharing our unique experiences with people who are different, is how we help to work toward a better and happier world.

Can you accommodate large groups or private events for special occasions?

YES! Drag Taste experiences are the PERFECT thing to do with a group. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a bachelor/ette party, company team building retreat, family reunion or holiday party, there is no other experience that will have your group laughing harder, or having so much fun. Our amazing space can accommodate between 50-100 people (depending on the experience you choose), and you can decide to join an experience with other groups and individuals, or contact us to discuss private party options for a more intimate experience. Please visit our Events & Groups page for more info.

Can I make a deposit for my reservation and pay the balance later?

Unfortunately, we do not accept deposits or partial payments. All bookings must be paid in full to reserve your spot.

Can I cancel or reschedule my reservation?

If you cannot attend the experience at your originally scheduled time, we will do everything possible to reschedule your experience for another date for no additional cost. You may also cancel your reservation 48 hours before the scheduled experience and receive a full refund. Unfortunately cancellations made within 48 hours of the experience start time will not be refunded - this is because we plan in advance for our experiences (ordering fresh food, accommodating other guests and groups, organizing staff schedules, etc.), and late cancellations disrupt our work.

I hate cooking. Do I have to cook during the Cooking Party?

Of course not! While our Drag Chefs love to teach everyone how to cook, if cooking is not your thing, you are welcome to just observe and enjoy some wine and watch the action around you.

How does the Drag Transformations work exactly? Do I have to be transformed?

Everyone has different levels of comfort with being transformed, and we understand that. You can choose to be transformed or just enjoy the experience as your normal amazing self. the choise is 100% yours. Our standard transformation starts with a full facial make-over, including high-quality make-up and fabulous false eyelashes (which are your to keep!). Then you pick from our extensive collection of wigs, dresses, heels and accessories to complete your new drag persona look. Then each new queen is introduced to the rest of the group and then rejoins the cooking class. At the end of the experience, guests remove their wig and change back into their street clothes, and our make-up artist queens lead a make-up removal demonstration, which include natural make-up removers and technique tips to take care of your skin. If you want to take your new look out on the town after the experience, you are welcome to keep your make-up on (those lashes are yours remember), and for an additional charge (and advanced notice) we can arrange for you to purchase your whole drag outfit to keep (wigs, heels, dress, all of it!).

My shoe and/or clothing size is larger or smaller than average, can your Drag Transformation Station accommodate me?

We have a very extensive collection of dresses and heels, including many options for different shapes and sizes for every beautiful queen who comes to our experience. Our dress sizes range from XS-9XL, and our heels run from 6-17. Of course if you’re uncomfortable about anything you can always bring your own frock, or choose to remain in your street clothes. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Can I drive to Drag Taste? Is there parking?

We are located in the historical LX Factory in the Alcantara neighborhood of Lisbon, under the 25th of April Bridge. We recommend that you either take public transportation or Uber to get to our experience, as parking is challenging. There is very limited street parking available in the surrounding area, and a small parking lot inside LX Factory (which is often full). If you do decide to drive, make sure to allow yourself extra time to find a spot and still arrive to the experience on time. Buses numbers are: #712, #713, #714, #727, #742, #751, #756 or #773 all go to Alcantara-Terra stop right near LX Factory. Tram number 15 from Cais do Sodre or tram number 18 from Calvario area.

I don’t speak English, can I still participate in the experiences?

While our experiences are primarily conducted in English, our queens also speak multiple other languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French and even Russian. Please let us know in advance if you only speak one of these languages, and we will do our best to schedule our queens accordingly. Even if you don’t speak one of these languages, we promise that you will still have fun at the experience!

I don’t drink wine, do you sell beer or liquor, or can I bring something else with me?

As part of our experience, we offer unlimited wine, homemade sangria, juices, coffee and teas. We can also arrange to have beer included for the non-wine drinkers if you’d prefer- please just let us know at least 48 hours in advance. We do not sell liquor, but if you would like to bring something else to drink, you are absolutely welcome to do so.

Are your experience wheelchair accessible?

While the streets of LX Factory can be challenging to navigate in a wheelchair because of the uneven cobblestone streets, our space is wide open and is extremely easy to navigate in a wheelchair (including the restroom).