Drag Taste was founded by Pedro (a.k.a. Teresa al Dente). Born and raised in Lisbon, Pedro is in love with food and for years had his own cooking show on YouTube. He has also hosted hundreds of home-cooked dinners for people from around the world in the past 12 years, and he never gets tired of sharing ideas around what to eat!

Pedro recently married Nikolay (a.k.a. Irina Ganache), an amazing Russian man who taught Pedro everything about his passion of makeup and drag queen culture. Together, they created an unique experience that combines both of their passions - food and drag!


Pedro and Nikolay love meeting people visiting Lisbon, spending quality time with brilliant travelers, and cooking and eating authentic Portuguese food together, with a touch of glitter to it!

They also have an amazing team of the best drag queens from all over the world, that help round out the most unique and fabulous cooking experience you will find anywhere!

Recently their experience "Drag-up Cooking Class", where they transform every guest in drag and host a Portuguese cooking class followed by a party dinner and live shows as dessert, was featured by Airbnb as one of the top Experiences in the world between thousands!

Watch the video created by airbnb here in Lisbon to 

Since the 8th of June 2019, till today, 8th of December of the same year, Pedro and Nikolay have received over 1000 guests from 85 countries in their Drag Palace. The Experience is going to expand to other countries in a near future where the concept will remain the same, but the food and cooking classes will not be Portuguese recipes anymore, but local traditional ones!